Regular Routes: Deep Mapping a Performative Counterpractice for the Daily Commute

My new article, co-written with Dr. Laura Bissell, has just been published. Read it in Humanities.

Figure 1


Early Days: reflections on the performance of a referendum

Rob Drummond as Wallace Williamson (Act 3)

Dr. Laura Bissell and I have co-written an essay about how theatre and performance responded to (and contributed to) last year’s Scottish independence debate (available in a special issue of Contemporary Theatre Review on ‘Electoral Theatre’, and accompanied by a short film of interviews with artists).

Underneath the Arches


Underneath the Arches was a three year project by David Overend at the Arches arts centre in Glasgow. Between 2007 and 2010, a series of site-specific performances aimed to respond to and generate relationships in the site.

Click here to watch videos of the performances 

…and follow the links below to read articles about them:

‘Clubbing Audiences: Relational Theatre Practice at Death Disco’, New Theatre Quarterly 28(1), 2012, pp.67-79

‘A Work on Progress: Documentation and Exegesis‘, Journal for Artistic Research 1, 2011,

The project led to a PhD with the University of Glasgow. The written part of the thesis can be accessed here.

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